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What People Are Saying
“Tapping The Source sets a new standard for films in this genre. It is a talking head film, that does not feel like a talking head film at all. The use of categories for organizing the interviews and quick cuts from expert to expert creates an experiential exchange that is unlike viewing normal films. Really an extraordinary achievement.”

Gary Goldstein , producer of Pretty Woman

“I greatly enjoyed Tapping the Source. This is a film which will inspire many and create meaningful dialogue for all who view it.”

William Ury, author Getting to Yes

“Tapping the Source is a gift for change to help navigate the waters of our ever-changing world.”

George Noory, Host, Coast to Coast AM

About the Film

This 86-minute feature film features major celebrities, scientists, best-selling authors, musicians, world-acclaimed athletes, artists, indigenous elders and business and spiritual leaders explaining how they TAP THE SOURCE in their personal and professional lives. In a style unique to documentary film making more than one hundred people are part of a single voice that comes from the Source itself. Using the unique insights from the classic work of Charles Haanel, ancient wisdom is combined with contemporary insights to present a total vision of what each viewer can do to increase their own happiness and ability to manifest joy.

Critics and the general public alike are giving high praise to Tapping the Source.  The film was awarded audience selection Best of Festival in the 2011 Los Angeles Conscious Life Film Festival.

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The Producers

Gayle Newhouse has produced and directed television shows, is co-producer of Tapping the Source and managed top artists such as Hoyt Axton. A talented film editor and set designer, Ms. Newhouse was primary editor for Tapping the Source. She is a trustee of the  international think tank Club of Budapest which includes founder Dr. Ervin Laszlo and  honorary members such as Dr. Jane Goodall, the Dali Lama and Peter Gabriel.  Currently, she has founded World Youth Connection to help unite children’s groups worldwide.

William Gladstone is the author of the international bestselling novel THE TWELVE, as well as with co author Jack Canfield THE GOLDEN MOTORCYCLE GANG: A Story of Transformation. He is also the literary agent for Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch,Jean Huston, Thomas Hartmann, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dr. Ervin Laszlo and many other prominent leaders and visionaries. Bill is a graduate of Yale College and Harvard University and has traveled throughout the world as a cultural anthropologist and researcher for films such as In Search of Ancient Mysteries.

Richard Greninger has been at ground zero of the most important moments of Human Potential over the past half-century. He has been a living part of the Werner Erhard Story from EST to the Forum. He was Executive Producer for the IBI Free Enterprise Forum and through IBI went on to produce for Tony Robbins.

Film Details

With high production values and scenes filmed in Peru, Mexico, Egypt, Bali, India, Israel, Kauai and locations throughout the United States, Tapping the Source takes the viewer on a journey of discovery. From revelations on the mystical experiences of yogis and those who have returned from near death experiences, to the scientific explanations of quantum physicists or the insights of top athletes and writers, Tapping The Source provides humor, intrigue and drama that is unpredictable and often unforgettable. Many of the “stars” of the film, such as Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Neale Donald Walsh, Bob Proctor, Marci Shimoff, Victor Villasenor, Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Cathy Lee Crosby and Mariel Hemingway, are known throughout the world for their expertise but none of them have ever discussed the core principles of their success and provided personal insights as they do here.

Steve Killen and Matt Burnett of Heron Blue Music created the Tapping the Source original score. Also featuring original songs “Voices” and “Songs In The Winter” from Steve Killen and Safire Band’s new album “Crashing Tiles”. A special performance of Peacetrain captures the high-spirited energy of the film.

Throughout, world-renown fusion-artist Rassouli’s visionary art enhances the sensual, mystical and emotional experience of the film.